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Colyn Cameron
IATSE Local 891 Member
Sound Recordist & Boom Operator

Credentials include:

Skip The Dish (Kicking Tire Films), Commercial -Sound Recordist

Diablo 4 (VCCP US), Corporate - Sound Recordist

Age Of Insecurity (CBC/ Banger Films), Documentary - Sound Recordist

Ferrero (Circle Productions), Commercial - Boom Operator

Fortis BC (Media Button), Commercial -Sound Recordist

Pfizer (Circle Productions), Commercial - Boom Operator

Aritizia (Corporate), Sound Recordist

London Drugs (Rethink), Commercial - Boom Operator

Fresh Prep (Cinova Studios), Commercial - Sound Recordist

Tennis , Spec/ Short Film - Sound Recordist

Farm Crimes (CBC/ BCF), Documentary -Sound Recordist

Angela's Shadow (CHAKASTETIN PROD.), Feature - Boom Operator

Big Sky River 2 (Sky Road Prod.), Feature - Boom Operator

Herschel Campaign (Corporate), Sound Recordist

Statue Wars, (CBC/ Saloon Media), Documentary - Sound Recordist

Dream Moms (Front Street), Feature - Sound Assistant

Open Light Films (Corporate Placement), Sound Recordist

Spring After Spring (Doc Pilot), Sound Recordist

Done/ Undone (Feature), Boom Operator
Way Out Ahead Of Us (Feature), Sound Recordist, Composer
All About Who You Know (Feature), Boom Operator & Composer

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